Goals, Goals, Goals… Just hearing that word can set some of us off, in a negative way. Instead, how about this year, we make decisions about what matters most to us and live with focused intention around those things. So if your mental wellness or physical health is super important to you, keep that in focus by taking regular actions in line with that throughout your week. There may be several areas of your life that could use some building up but taking on too many at once is a sure-fire recipe for getting overwhelmed and can result in no action at all.

The key is to pick one or two areas of your life in which you want to grow, then come up with some consistent actions that are going to make it happen. These actions are best when they are simple and small. Remember, small steps, taken in the direction you want to go, will get you there! No need for giant steps.


Here is an editable chart that can serve as a visible guide to keep that focused intention.

It was created by Jan O’Brien, business and life coach at Wandering But Not Lost Coaching. You can go there to see Jan’s full write up about this tool and how she designed it to mirror the Bagua of Feng Shui.   Click the link MyIntentions-Focus WBNL to download the editable PDF.

I hope you have an amazing 2017. Enjoy!